Lilou in the house!

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Ryan’s amazing birthday party!

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Hackathon tomorrow!


Its been toooo long that I have not taken care of here. My laziness :S

Okay~~ Tomorrow there will be a Hackthon event going on in my company. It is a two days event for us to just “CODE FOR FUN”.

Finally today me and two of my colleagues have decided on the topic! It’s gonna be about Dart the new google lang and the “pluggable application” pattern.

To me it is such a brilliant idea to combine those tow aspects into this event, because I am quite interested and curious about them.

So tomorrow then, I will have the chance to explore more!

Details coming soon after the hackathon!

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First but the best birthday party in Sweden!

Thanks for all the friends that brought me a fantastic night!

I had a great time and also was really happy to see you all there! And ofc all those nice gifts! =)

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Stop motion movie to Shunshun

my first stop motion movie. Even though the actual movie is only 36 seconds, but it did take three of us a lot of efforts =) Plz check it out!

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Quick release of

haha, today finally comes alive. This is an interesting site Jossan, Niklas and me did during our spare time. It randomly generates a lunch restaurant suggestion for you according to the provided location. Too bad that we only have restaurants information in Göteborg Sweden now, but there will be more cities involved soon we hope.

The site is still not completely done, there will be more functionalities added later such as, adding restaurant by user, location auto completion, improvements on display directions in the result map…

So plz check the site out and feel free to contact us or even contribute.

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Passing parameters to event handler functions

When coding in javascript, some people may wonder how to pass extra parameters to the event handler function. Here is a workaround hope can help you:
blow the example is coded using prototype

$(el).observe('click', function(e){ EVENT_HANDLER_FUNCTION(e, para1, para2, ...)})

I guess the example code is quite self-explaining, hope can help =)

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Mouseover and mouseout problem

I discovered recently that it causes headache when using mouseover and mouseout events together on one HTML element. This will not have any problem if that element does not have any child element, otherwise,  the problem starts. My problem occurred when I tried to use special effects when mouseover and mouseout of an element which has one child element. The effects became to be very flickering. After a while of searching on the internet as usual, I found a post which explains the problem very well. It is because:

First mouseover event is fired when mouse over the REAL observed element, and then when the mouse moves into the child element, it thinks that your mouse has moved out from the REAL observed element so that its mouseout event is fired, but soon it realizes that the mouse is still within the area of its parent and then fires again its mouseover event….

I guess in most of the cases, this is not a proper behavor that one wants to be. Below I have pasted some code that I found which solves my problem very well:

function isMouseLeaveOrEnter(e, handler) {
    if (e.type != 'mouseout' && e.type != 'mouseover') return false;
        var reltg = e.relatedTarget ? e.relatedTarget : e.type == 'mouseout' ? 
        e.toElement : e.fromElement;
    while (reltg && reltg != handler)
        reltg = reltg.parentNode;

    return (reltg != handler);

In the code above, e is the element which the current event belongs to and handler is the REAL observed element. The problem is solved by calling this function before executing your real event handler’s code.

I hope this could help anyone else who has this similar annoying problems.

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最近心情不好。。。发生了好多不好的事情, 工作上的, 家里的, 感情的, 感觉非常的不顺利, 可能是之前我实在太顺利了, 也没有遇到什么很大的挫折, 生活上也是被溺爱着, 感情上也缺乏经验。。。不过这就是生活吧, 总是有起有落, 就像我一直相信的一样, 运气是守恒的 =).  生活还得继续, 还有很多重要的事情需要我努力, 希望这段时间能很快过去, 一切可以走上正轨~~ Good luck to myself!

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经过了一段短暂而神奇的经历。。。又开始了原来的生活, 工作工作工作~~希望一切顺利!

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